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Installing Flextoe Toe Straps
Take one Flex Toe system and one goalie pad in which Flex Toe is being installed. Remove current lace from bottom of pad, leaving two empty holes or eyelets.
Take the end of Flex Toe shock cord that doesnot have hook on it and thread it through the hole that is closest to theoutside of pad (there should be two holes). The outside hole is closestto the side of the pad that has the buckles your straps connect too. Makesure you insert cord from the under side as seen in image provided. Also, DONOT allow protective sleeve to go through either hole. Scrunch it togetherbetween hook and initial insertion hole.

Continue to thread un-hooked end through otherremaining hole. Pull tightly and adjust accordingly, so Flex Toe is evenon both ends.

Now take one of the hooks provided and insertshock cord all the way into the hole in bottom of hook. Be sure to pushcord as far in as possible until it cannot go any further. This is themost important part of the installation process. TIP: Wrapa small piece (1 layer) of thin hockey tape around tip of shock cord beforeinserting into hook. This will give hook more to grab onto making it evenmore dependable. This is not something you have to do for Fle x Toe to work.

Once cord is inserted all the way in, pinch thetop and bottom of hook together with thumb and index finger. Make surebottom collar of hook snaps flush against top part. Pushing these two endstogether should take some strength. The harder it is to shut, the moredependable it will be.
You have now successfully installed your FlexToe system. For a guide on how to use Flex Toe with your skate click here