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Using Flextoe Toe Straps
Attaching your goalie pad to your skate using Flex Toe is a very simple process. The days of fumbling around with a long, dirty skate lace are over. Having your toe/skate lace strap coming untied during practice or a game is a thing of the past. Follow these simple instructions below. Pictures have been added for our visual-minded goalies.

Lay your pad down in front of your skate like you normally do.
Take the hooked ends of the Flex Toe system and thread them through the first hole under the toe of your goalie skate in a criss-cross pattern so that they come out on the other side. If you have youth skates, the hooks might not fit through this hole. If this is the case thread the hooked ends through the larger hole under the middle, arch of foot.
Now grab hooks and pull them up towards you and the top of your foot/skate. For maximum dependability, thread hooked ends underneath first lace that goes horizontally across. Then attach hooks to whichever laces you choose. The higher the lace you choose to fasten hooks too, the tighter Flex Toe will fit. The picture provided shows suggested fastening point for an adult skate.
It is important that hooks are attached with opening facing up. Note, if openings are facing down, Flex Toe will most likely slip off during play. So make sure you attach hooks as shown, openings up!
WARNING. Do not attach clips as shown. Flex Toe will not work if you attach this way. Hook opening must be facing up.