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"I never thought I would ever use anything besides a skate lace for a toe strap, because it always worked fine. However, after trying Flex Toe, I could not believe how great my hips, groins, knees and ankles felt. With the amount of games I play in the NHL and such a rigorous travel schedule, any goalie will tell you how worn down your lower body gets. Flex Toe allowed my body a range of motion that I never knew was possible. It gave my pads the loose feeling I like when I butterfly, while fitting snug to my legs when I would stand up. Flex Toe truly is the toe strap of the future."

Jimmy Howard - Goalie Detroit Red Wings

"After having surgery on my hips, my doctor said it would be a good idea to stop wearing toe straps due to the stress I was putting on them during butterfly saves as well as butterfly pushes on rebounds. I told him he was crazy, because all goalies need toe straps. That's when I was introduced to Flex Toe. Thanks to this incredible idea, I feel no pain or tightness in my hips. I also feel a much faster and more responsive butterfly."
Mike Brodeur - Goalie Ottawa Senators

"I thought I had seen it all when it came to equipment, but recently one of our goalies brought Flex Toe to me and asked me to put it on his pads. I was amazed how easy it was to install, and I quickly grew to appreciate them even more because I always hated trying to repair our goalie's skate lace toe straps in the middle of the games. Flex Toe allows for easy installation and repair during games, however I cannot remember our goalies having any problems. Our goalies will be wearing Flex Toe from now on."
Josh MacDonald - Equipment ManagerUniversity of Maine

"I had surgery on my hip a couple years ago, and ever since I have been wearing Flex Toe. My hips feel great, and because I switched to Flex To,e my doctor feels my other hip will be okay. I've used them to win a National Championship with Boston College. They really are dependable and do the job. I would suggest these to every goalie."

John Muse, former Boston College 2-time National Champion and current pro

"I really like the Flex Toes because I can put the pads on by myself. They are really easy to clip on!"

Billy Mann, age 10 from Vermont

"I bought a set and was immediately impressed on the first use. At the time, either I or my wife needed to put our son's pads on, and the toe ties were a pain in the neck. They were hard to work through the skate and would sometimes came loose and he would step on them while playing. Toe ties also meant spending several minutes kneeling on a hard floor while tying them on and taking them off. The Flex Toes are a breeze, they clip on easily in seconds and come off the same way. They eliminated the hardest part of getting him dressed. I have purchased Flex Toes for each set of pads as he out grew the old set. They are so much better than tying traditional toe ties we will never go back. I recommend them to every goalies parent I meet at each game!"
Bill Mann, Parent from Vermont

"You can see the difference Flex Toe makes in how the pad and skate react in different situations on the ice. It definitely allows the blade to get to the ice quicker. Parents and goalies appreciate the ease of putting on the pads as well." Mike Buckley, Springfield Falcons & UMass Amherst Goalie Coach GDS Owner, Boston, MA