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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I open the clip?

You can reuse the clips, in order to open them you will need to follow the instructions below:

To open the clips you will need a pair of pliers and a small screwdriver, holding the hook part of the clip with the pliers, insert the small screwdriver in the side of the clip, you will see an indentation, then with the screwdriver in a twisting motion un-snap the clip. You should now be able to re-use the clip.

2. The cord keeps pulling out of the clip, how do I make sure the cord is properly installed?

When you re-install the cord into please follow these instructions:

Make sure that when you set the cord into the clip that the cord end is all the way to the end, when you first push the cord into the clip it will stop about a ½ inch in, you need to wiggle it and the cord will go in about another ½ to ¼ inch further. If you look at the clip from the side you will notice that you can see the cord go past the opening and hit the back of the clip, then you can snap the clip close. Please review the video on our website for installation.